Habitation Solutions

Traditional Energy Efficient homeThe Traditional Energy-Efficient Home is a 3054 square foot, 2-story home, with four bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths and a two-car garage. .  The design of the home has traditional styling.

The house is positioned on the site to maximize solar-exposure.  Many of the larger windows face south; sunlight is utilized to light and heat the house.  Deep roof overhangs shade the home from the summer sun.  The building is extra-ordinarily well built, with excellent insulation and air-sealing, resulting in low demand for heating and cooling.  The house is partially heated with a masonry heater.

The main level is mostly an open plan, comprising of living, dining, and kitchen areas.  Bedrooms are located on the upper level.   The detached garage keeps pollutants from the cars from getting into the house.


Home Office Away room
Master bedroom with 5 piece bath and large closet Kitchen with sitting island
Outdoor living area Detached garage with storage area
High-efficiency furnace, air-conditioner, & water heater Low-maintenance exterior finishes
Water-efficient plumbing fixtures and appliances Enhanced insulation–R-35 in the walls & R-50 in the ceiling
Low/no VOC paint, sealants, & carpet No urea-formaldehyde
High-efficiency lighting & appliances Masonry heater
Deep overhangs