Habitation Solutions


This custom home was designed to meet the needs of a household, wanting an active lifestyle, living in beautiful natural surroundings.  The home has an open plan and the design accommodates easy access to exterior living spaces. Large windows promote natural light within the house and are oriented toward views.

The house is designed to be energy-efficient and water efficient.

The site design reduced the amount of disturbance on the site; much of the site was left in its natural state.  A large natural drainage swale was maintained in its natural state.  The landscaping concept employed xeriscaping; native plants, that use minimal water, were selected.  The landscaping fits in to the natural, arid environment quite well.

The design of the home promotes good natural ventilation.   As much of the home is only one room wide, cross-breezes flow through the house to cool it naturally.

Broad roof overhangs protect the home from the sun.  During the hot portion of the year, direct sun does not enter the home.  At the same time, ample natural light reduces the demand for artificial illumination.