Habitation Solutions

The owner of HABITATION SOLUTIONS, Jeff von Breitenfeld, has completed more than 30 residential projects in the Denver Metro area, Colorado, since 2002, including new homes, major remodels, and additions. Currently, an addition/remodel of an existing home and the design of a new home are underway.

HABITATION SOLUTIONS provides Architectural services. These services consist of tailor-made, unique solutions for households in need of a new-home, a renovation, or an addition to an existing home and builders. The needs and lifestyle each household are completely unique. These needs are incorporated into the design any project undertaken by HABITATION SOLUTIONS. Energy-, water-, and resource-efficiency are all incorporated into the design any project undertaken by us.

Budgetary needs are extremely important. HABITATION SOLUTIONS will complete a design that meets your budget. We will help you establish a budget that you can afford.

The selection of a Contractor is of paramount importance in the successful completion of your project. HABITATION SOLUTIONS will assist you in the selection of a contractor. During the ten years I have been working on residential projects, I have worked with many contractors whom I would recommend.

Architectural services at HABITATION SOLUTIONS consist of the following phases and tasks:
1. Prepare a needs assessment and program—Clients are asked to list the spaces needed, the budget, and schedule.
2. Research zoning & HOA requirements—City zoning and HOA requirements are determined and then incorporated into the program.
3. Develop a Schematic—Schematics are than developed and presented to the client. Alternatives are presented to the client in response to their reaction to the schematic.
4. Prepare 3-d Modeling—3d modeling using the “Sketch-up” program is undertaken. This helps the client understand 3-dimensional aspects of the schematic design.
5. Selection of Builders—If a builder has not already been selected, the process of selecting a builder is undertaken. After the builder is selected, pricing is started and builder input—pricing and scheduling—is sought.
6. Prepare Construction Documents—After the client has approved the schematic design, construction drawings and specifications are prepared for the project. And finishes are selected.
7. Attain a building permit. Start the construction.
8. Conduct construction observation. Administrate on-site verification.
9. Complete the project.

HABITATION SOLUTIONS provides green/sustainable architectural design services. At the request of the customer, a variety of these services may be incorporated into their project. These green/sustainable architectural design services are outlined below.
1. Day-lighting. Daylight will be introduced to as many interior spaces as possible. The building will be oriented to take advantage of the sun, bringing the sunlight in through windows and solar tubes.
2. Passive Solar. Like the day-lighting strategy, sunlight will be brought in through windows and used to heat the building.
3. Effective air-sealing, enhanced insulation, and efficient mechanical systems. A well-designed building envelope and thoughtfully designed mechanical system will be provided.
4. Water Conservation. Landscaping and plumbing fixtures using lesser amounts of water than typical will be incorporated into the design of the building.
5. Healthful Materials. The material specifications will prevent materials that emit urea-formaldehyde and VOCs from being used on the project.
6. Energy Modeling. As a HERS Rater, I have knowledge of concepts and features that make the design of a home energy-efficient. This enables me to design green and energy-efficient homes.

Knowledge of Green Rating Systems is provided by HABITATION SOLUTIONS. As a Certified Passive House Consultant and a LEED AP, I am knowledgeable about a variety of energy efficiency and green rating systems. HABITATION SOLUTIONS is able to evaluate and recommend the following green/sustainable and energy-efficient rating systems:
1. Passive House
2. Energy Star
This knowledge will enable HABITATION SOLUTIONS to help its customers select green features for their new or improved home.

A fee and scope of services proposal will be developed for each unique client, based on their needs, program, schedule, and project budget.