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Energy Star

As an international standard for energy efficient consumer products, Energy Star is an extremely successful program and brand in terms of consumer recognition.   Many consumers are familiar with the Energy Star logo; they have seen it for years when shopping for computers, appliances, and other energy using products.

Owned by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Energy Star program and brand started as a voluntary labeling program for energy efficient computers. The brand was created in 1992.  Since then, Energy Star has expanded far beyond computers to a wide variety of consumer products, including kitchen appliances, heating and cooling equipment, and a wide variety of other products.  Energy Star employs energy efficiency standards that result in products that are far more energy efficient than comparable products.

Manufacturers of energy using products are allowed to market their products and put the Energy Star logo on items that meet Energy Star’s energy-efficiency requirements.   Each product class has its own set of energy efficiency standards.

Today, consumers who wish to purchase products that are significantly more energy-efficient than comparable products, can easily do so because of the Energy Star brand.   The Energy Star logo is displayed on products that meet the Energy Star program requirements.

Energy Star also rates new homes that are energy efficient.   Energy Star allows builders to use its logo on homes that meet all of the Energy Star program standards.

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