Habitation Solutions

A customer told me that their master bedroom was really cold—the room was six degrees colder than the rest of the house.  Upon inspection, I found the bedroom was located on a cantilever.

A cantilever is where the second floor projects out beyond the first floor. Quite often, rooms located on cantilevers are very cold as cantilevers are very leaky and poorly insulated.

The customer decided to get their cantilever repaired, bids were obtained, and the multi-step process was started:

Step 1—Wood blocking installed—installed as a backing for the spray foam

Step 2—Spray foam applied—Spray foam forms the air-barrier which keep out drafts

Step 3—Batt insulation installed—Batt insulation keeps the heat in the house

The Master Bedroom is now at least four degrees warmer than before the fix and the customer is comfortable.