The vision of HABITATION SOLUTIONS is to design residences and small buildings that meet customers’ needs, are responsive to the environment, use minimal resources, and are places where people want to be.


The mission of HABITATION SOLUTIONS is to provide design and drafting services and energy auditing services for residences and small buildings that meet customers’ needs

Thoughtful design-work, problem solving, AutoCAD drafting, SketchUp modeling, report writing, and excellent customer service

Resulting in
Good work and satisfied customers who offer repeat business and give me referrals.

Wise Resource Use

Resources used wisely and smartly maximize the efficiency of resources already purchased, saving money by requiring less.

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HABITATION SOLUTIONS offers architecture & residential design, architectural drafting, residential energy auditing, Passive House consulting, and a consulting for various energy efficiency programs.

Architecture & residential design services focus on custom residences and small commercial buildings. Energy and resource-efficient solutions are an important part of the work performed by HABITATION SOLUTIONS. Strategies like passive solar gain, air-sealing, enhanced insulation, reduction of thermal bridging, and efficient mechanical systems are used in the design of our buildings.

Passive House and Energy Star consulting are the two the two residential energy-efficiency programs offered by HABITATION SOLUTIONS.

A variety of residential energy audits are offered, ranging in scope from a visual inspection to diagnostics (blower door testing and infrared scanning). The audits are structured to fit within the Xcel Energy residential energy-audit rebate program.

HABITATION SOLUTIONS is owned by Jeff von Breitenfeld, an architect with 30 years of experience.

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Sustainable Buildings

A Sustainable building is one that uses less energy, water, and building material resources to construct and operate than a comparable building. A more healthful interior environment can be characterized as one with better ventilation, more daylight and views, and control over lighting and temperature.

The Foothills home, shown above, sits on a 35 acre site with ample open space. The site slopes slightly across the house, providing enough fall to allow light into the lower level.

The open plan main level takes advantage of wonderful views and warmth from the masonry heater. The house is positioned on the site to maximize solar-exposure. The building is extraordinarily well-built, resulting in low demand for heating.

This home uses only 15% of the energy as an average home achieving long-term energy savings along with comfort and luxury.